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Full text of "[Letter to] My dear friend Webb [manuscript]"

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'the, Q/tetiJ^ CtU^lS-z ^ ^a^Lf^r^^Dol, ^ V ~& l^&eJc<^ tzj, 
fucAML. TuZsmeAj, ife focAofc o(/ feyW 1 / n#n^ 6i/L'cM te^ry* dr 

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"trfcOfy try* /— ^- i & ^i^fZ * s^HA^j 

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" (A^- /l^A>A> A™^ r >^A" &AL*-&Aul-<£> ? o-hA) &^l A^t^ /A A<uc~&hu 
a,<U^J AA^. kAAA^^ ^W «WP o-e^U^^ ^ki^/A^<^-^A^ 
AzAAA^ <A tshJi-uAu^- Ac -^W> A*~j / ffr&AA Ajl. j* a^A^^^^j^ 

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4^L. Jc^AA pt/t&^t^-. tAAAi- AA^>t^j^~ <Z/£tc£^AaJ>*HJXy Ae^a^ Az-^m , 
- Svthjj ff U-0/W- U>-<L. AJLeisAA Az t%A> ayy^AuAel^C Lu. <y*H-c^ (E^n<^c^o^, 

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?ri*y*-C^A AAoyf~ iA ZcsiA^C, «2fee^,,_ itA-e^ry, AAt^i^a A ^v_ , e/ <*-*~ «. *.*£-' 

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tMe-cJ" A> -Je &4-*<i^r 44 4T, aJi^urre^A^, <Ae^A*^r a^- t^AL^ , OAUj, 

WA^^ ,/(*>^ A^A £■ ^W to*^A> a*A^ /rs2rAUA£, <z^^^jl^ 

<X. u^e^A^ . AX*'^ "A" c = A~cjl*^£J-*~ls>^ i y^ rn^At^ t?l<^&r~JA~Az, O^ 
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Q£Sh aAcry^ £~ //S'o^^- A/ ^a^y Aa*J) - S> L <=^U . Ayh^e+c^^ A^i^^^ 

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■ — ■"■ ~ 77" 

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for J a^tv VuSlr '-e-W^a^Ui- &U*^ ^ ?>y 'Tt-k-Uj . ~Q* f~«-~- o^t l^Ce^j^ 
iMos^k iifviJ-^ £^Cw**_, d JMUL (fcMz^, Aa^ou>. e^&J, 'Key «^fc>^> 

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VAca^ c/ie', -He- k"*. ryica^ uwn/KjtA- , ^K aJ^iXUj ts CUai* *tt>***t^ ( Ka„ l< ^LiTif UnrUiy, 
Cl deruJ^c^ ^-j^l fas' " V I k- Gi^uJyt.'a^ (/hfafcr " ^ If^h^ x *uJztfxJ 'JfaJiLiU** 

L&2X. tLaJr f*^- y^el^S fy- /^=^^' £^*-* l^^y ^k^/ fa- #■ J^>*£ 
<jr hm%^ % /• <4vuc 3 Or f Ay^ «U? &*. - ^ bfi&Z jf^n^. <-Un^ <zdl 
Ice^/t" j'6-u> /^~-~ — l^s ica-3 ttja^Jn Xk- ffrrtU. a^j-ol^, jf^<~ tiz- <fu ivz^/O * £^2 

O^-Sh^UL fc t^U^LeJ^ i _ ^^ >Z<-e £?^*<. ^««^- ,/^~ ?**S 

The Richmond Whig !i a:) taken a l,oUl posi- 
tion among those who desire to see "the old Vir- 
ginia ship float iu upon the new tide." I 
most the only journal antedating the i 
which recognize,; the new condition of tBings, 
and is disposed to leave the "dead logic oi the 
past with its ghastly abstractions" to 
who choose to adhere to the dead or dying par- 
ties of the past. It informs its reader, and its 
critics that to co-operate with the republican , 
party is to co'Operate.witU the government, 
"We have nothing," it says, "cither to hope or 
to] fear from the democracy of the north. On 
the contrary, we have everything to fear from 
continued war upon 'the party of the Union, 
and our only hope is in its favor. It dominates 
over the whole north, it rules every department 
of the government, it has the army and tne 
navy, aud is marked by every trait that deBnes 
supremacy. How is it at the south? It has all 
the colored population, all the original Union 
men, and is hourly gaining accretions from the 
confederate ranks. The instinct of self-preser- 
vation is impelling the southern masses to that 
'co-operation.' The people have .become con- 
vinced that they will be utterly ruined without 
reconstruction, and have regolvsM k 
thing that is necessary to that end " V****j|^ 

Aikansas.— A correspondent writing from I 

Rook gives an encouraging aaeount of affairs in 

kansas. The work ot registration is going forwai 

a satisfactory manner. General Ord, in the appi 

ment of registrars, seems to have taken middle grc 

He has aimed to appoint in each county one oi 

in sympathy with a majority of the whites, and 

federal offioers, whenever they eould be readily f< 

The work of registration in the State will be 

pleted by the time prescribed by Congress. It i: 

stated that rebels are generally coming forwa 

register. The freedmen are modest and prude 

their action, and manifest a desire to acqu 

knowledge of their rights and how 

exeroise them. They say they oan 

in ofBoe only such as helped them to their pr 

politioal status. At Little Rook, the capital o 

State, the freedmen, under direction of off 

teaohers, are winning the respeot of the "um 

"striicted." Colored schools are flourishing there 

the improved condition of the raoe is noticeable. 

republican party; organized in April last, is ra 

coming into shape. Its power is felt throughou 

State already. County organizations are i 

much to place the State in its proper position, a 

elub meetings and local gatherings all olasse 

chjn^e views without fear w restraint. 

— =? — — -.— -- ',